Overview of the Economy S.Ejaz Wasti
Economic Adviser
Joint Economic Adviser
Agriculture Omer Farooq
Research Officer
Manufacturing Attaullah Shah
Research Officer
Fiscal Development Nazia Gul
Research Officer
Money and Credit Nazia Gul
Research Officer
Capital Market Norina Bibi
Research Officer
Inflation Ahmed Khan
Assistant Economic Adviser
Trade and Payments Mushtaq Ali Hub
Assistant Economic Adviser
External and Domestic Debt Nazia Gul
Research Officer
Education Omer Farooq
Research Officer
Health & Nutrition Ahmed Khan
Assistant Economic Adviser
Population, Labor Force and Employment Norina Bibi
Research Officer
Poverty Absar Hassan Siddique
Deputy Economic Adviser
Transport and Communications Attaullah Shah
Research Officer
Energy Muhammad Usman Raja
Research Officer
Environment S.Natiq Hussain Naqvi
Deputy Economic Adviser
Special Section 1:
Cost of War on Terror for Pakistan Economy
Special Section 2:
Pakistan: Flood Impact Assessment
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