Quality Assurance Program has been launched in the Finance Division (GOP) from January 2006 to effectively control and improve its operational Quality, Performance and customer satisfaction. The prime focus of this program is to increase its customer satisfaction level, raise its service Quality, Improve internal working efficiency and give the ministry a strong local and global credibility.


To manage the National economy in the most efficient and effective manner both at the Macro and micro level.


To pursue sound and equitable economic policies that put Pakistan on the path of sustained economic development and macroeconomic stability with a view to continuously and significantly improving the quality of life of all citizens through prudent and transparent public financial management carried out by dedicated professionals.

Quality Policy

To provide the most effective and efficient services to the federal government, provincial governments and the citizen of Pakistan.


To enhance the performance level of the ministry of finance and its associated offices by adopting and implementing internationally recognized Quality Management system (QMS)/model of ISO-9001-2000

Quality Frame work

The basic frame work/model chosen for this function is ISO-9001-2000 standard

Leadership style

The leadership style in Finance Division is collaborative, cooperative and team work.


  • Good fearing
  • Striving for perfection in each process.
  • Honesty and truthfulness.
  • Respect for dignity and pride of all employees at all levels.
  • Self Accountability.

Quality Approaches

The following basic approaches apply;

  • Quality is every employee’s commitment to excellence in his /her scope of work.
  • Quality will be converted into, measured by, and then controlled through the quality objectives.
  • Quality Assurance is a decentralized function and its leadership lies with the respective additional Finance Secretaries.
  • Quality is not just a process of problem detection during or after work, but more of a problem solving as well as continuous improvement processes of the entire Ministry.
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