Leadership Style

Collaborative, cooperative and teamwork

Values (Basic beliefs and attitude for the mission)

1. God fearing
2. Striving for perfection in each process
3. Honesty and Truthfulness
4. Respect for dignity and pride of all employees at all levels
5. Self Accountability

Quality Policy: (The focus and principles of quality the organization adheres to) To provide the most effective and efficient financial services to the Federal Government, Provincial Government, and the citizens of Pakistan

Central Quality Objectives: (Quantification or more Precise statement of the goal) In order to implement the Quality Policy, the efficiency and effectiveness of the entire MOF, along with its constituent Wings have been identified in terms of measurable objectives. Each objective has a standardized procedure which defines who and how these objectives are measured. Targets are set for each of these quality objectives. All the senior management is required to regularly monitor the Quality of MOF through the performance level of these objectives. The Quality Objectives are available separately in Departmental Procedure of each Wing.

Quality Improvement Strategies: (Long term direction for achieving the quality objectives) Top management to:

a. Show priority to the Quality Assurance Program
b. Take everyone along, with respect and dignity
c. Give highest priority to Customer Satisfaction, which includes reliability, responsiveness, correctness and competence of decisions and empathy.
d. Maintain a top down approach to implementing QA
e. Provide appropriate and timely training at all levels
f. Be fair and ethical
g. Be available and accessible to internal and external customers
h. Be self reliant
i. Focus on fixing systems and processes when quality issues are detected or complaints are reported
j. Respond effectively to the needs and complaints of internal and external customer/ feedbacks
k. Be persistent in implementing QA program

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